Prunella vulgaris
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spica prunellae is dry and clear. 
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 spica prunellae

 [properties] cold, bitter, slightly pungent.

[Channels enter] liver, gall bladder

[Functions and Indications] clear fire, improving eyesight, discretize nodule, detumescence.

Can be used in the conjunctival congestion sore, eyes nyctalgia, headache, dizziness, M. scrofulaceum, gall tumor, swelling; scrofula, breast hyperplasia, high blood pressure. 
[Usage Dosage] Oral: decoction, 9 ~ 30g; ointment or into pills, powder.  External: moderate, washing, or stir frying deposited. 
[Caution] the spleen and stomach qi deficiency are careful service.