Luo Han Guo
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Luo Han Guo (Luo Han Kuo / Lo Han Go)--fruit,Chinese Herb

Chinese Traditional Herb Medicine

1. Pharmaceutical name:Fructus Siraitiae grosvenorii

2.Latin name: 

   Siraitia grosvenoriiSwingleC. Jeffrey ex Lu et Z.

   Siratia taiwaniana (Hayata) Jeffrey ex Lu & Zhang.

   Momordica grosvenori Swingle183 (incorrectly listed in the Herb Dictionary of People Republic of China, 1995)

3.Common Name:momordica fruit.(Luo Han Guo)

4.  Channels  meridians: entered:lung, spleen, stomach.

5.  Actions & Indications:   arrest cough, relieves pain in the throat, constipation due to heat in the blood. The leaves call luo han ye are being used as luo han guo


We have four sizes of Luo Han Guo: small, middle, big and extra big.


Small: 4.75cm

Middle: 5.3cm

Big: 5.8cm

Extra big: 6.35cm


Usage: Open the shell and tear the pulp and seed into pieces, then put them into hot water, drink the water 4 minutes later. Ther pulp and seed could be eaten directly without hot water.