Rhizoma Kaempferiae
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Rhizoma Kaempferiae- sha jiang is a spice often used in diet.And it is also a herb medicine. 

 Rhizoma Kaempferiae"sha jiang

Alias: Third son of naphthalene, three Lai, mountain hot, sand ginger 
Medicinal parts: roots 
Medicinal traits: The goods are mostly circular or nearly circular cross-section diameter of 1 ~ 2cm, thickness 0.3 ~ 0.5cm. Light brown or tan skin, shrinkage, and some have root traces or remnants of fibrous roots; sections of white, pink, and often convex drum. Crisp and easy to break. Specific gas Shannon, spicy flavor. 
Origin: Guangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong, Taiwan 
[Property]  pungency,warm.

[Channel tropism] stomach. 
 [Efficacy] promot the circulation of qi,warm the spleen and stomache. help digestion, to stop pain. Can be used in tumescence, stomach crymodynia, Needless diet. 
[Usage and dosage] Oral:decoction, 6 ~ 10g; or into pills, casual. External use: apply the grinding herb powder to the skin. 
Taboo: deficiency of yin and anaemia are banned to take.