Star aniseed
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Star aniseed is the fruit of anise tree, it is called Star anise as condiment. It is astral, having eight edge angles on average. Star aniseed is a traditional spice, used in meat cooking to remove the smell of goat and beef, increase flavor of food. It is indispensable in our daily life.


We are able to supply all kinds of Star anise:

New crop of 2011 and old crop of 2010;

Complete star anise and broken fruits;

Start aniseed with and without stem;

Spring crop and autumn crop;

Super quality and common quality.



Packed in 25Kg/Ctn for without stem, 30Kg/Gunny Bag for with Stem.

About 6.6MT per 20'Gp/FCL for without stem, 7.02MT per 20'Gp/FCL for with stem.

We are able to make pouch pack, such as 100g, 454g, 1000g, or as per your requirement.


Place of origin: Guangxi Province, the south China, which is the biggest planting base in China. We are in the planting area and have our own factory to produce and process. Our products are sold in The Middle East, Japan, Africa and Europe and well appreciate by their purchasers. Excellent quality, evident effect, world-wide reputation, orders are welcome.



Moisture: ≤13.5%

Broken: ≤5%


Color: reddish brown.