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We are able to supply Chinese Cassia(Cinnamon) origin from Guangxi Province, one of the largest native production base. Our products are sold in The Middle East, Japan, Africa and Europe and well appreciate by their purchasers. Excellent quality, evident effect, good reputation over the world, orders are welcome.



Cassia is used as spice and seasoning for cooking and as herb in traditional Chinese medicine. The bark, leaves and roots are useful in resolving dampness, clearing heat and reducing blood pressure etc.


Packing of best-sellers:

  1. Cassia (Cinnamon) whole: pressed 25Kg/CTN or 50Kg/matting bale, about 14MT /20'FCL, 25MT/40’FCL.
  2. Cassia (Cinnamon) broken: 25Kg/CTN or 50Kg/matting bale, about 14MT /20'FCL, 25MT/40’FCL.
  3. Cassia (Cinnamon) tube/bark roll: 20Kg/CTN, about 10MT /20'FCL.

We also supply Peeled cinnamon, Cinnamon branch pieces (machine cutting), Flat cassia and Cassia powder.



  1. Thickness: 1.5-3mm.
  2. Moisture: 17% max.
  3. Our products have past the FDA and ISO.
  4. We are able to supply you Certificate of origin, Phytosanitary certificate and Fumigation certificate